Business Interruption Risks Review

The service

A business interruption risks review evaluates your business's potential for financial loss following physical loss or other specified disruptive incidents. It can be related to individual operating companies and/or to a group or divisions within a group where inter- dependency exists between operating companies.

What the client obtains

Following a business impact review, we prepare a report, discussing susceptibilities to disruption and assessing the potential extent of loss.

The benefits

Evaluation provides full understanding of loss potentials including uninsured losses and likely increased costs of working following a disruptive incident. This means that you can take risk funding decisions with confidence.

From our evaluation of the effectiveness of existing loss control equipment and business continuity plans, you can develop a structured approach to implement recommended physical risk improvements, targeting attention on protection of the business rather than merely preserving assets. Once appropriate improvements have been implemented, you can demonstrate proof of reliability supply to customers.

A review of a business prior to acquisition can also give confidence as to its resilience to loss and its reliability, providing a qualified basis for evaluation.
The report is also a valuable tool for negotiating the most favourable insurance terms.